Trident Fresh brings extreme refreshment to Brazilian winter

Big fan of extreme refreshment, Trident decided to celebrate the beginning of winter, by creating the #frentefresh project, a series of marketing actions in Brazilian cities. In Sao Paulo, Espalhe built for the brand a giant snow globe at Paulista avenue, the most famous on the city. Inside the globe, the public could enjoy all the cold of the season, by experiencing around zero degree temperature and one hundred kilometers winds.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast, the hottest Brazilian region, Trident decided to make snow during some of the most important June popular parties, so called “festas juninas”, together with a concert played with music ice instruments. To amplify the experience thru YouTube, Espalhe produced a video, released some days prior to the event, that presented the band “Esquimós do Forró” building the instruments with ice blocks.