Together Works Better, an internal competition of Big Ideas

Dandara Santana, Ana Clara Schneider and Christine Dierkes, with the team "Give back to your #BFF ", were the winners of the competition Together Works Better, in 2015. Created in 2009, Together Works Better (TWB) is a “home-made” internal competition that brings our corporate mantra to life and engages with our +3.400 employees, from 22 countries, so they realize that each and everyone of them contributes to shaping the future of the company. The winners have chosen to go to New York's office for one week in September.

As part of the competition, teams are given a specific brief – to put together a big idea for clients in a 2-minute video. The criteria to win are linked to our company’s vision: big ideas should be rooted in insights, use digital, apply globally and transform into ROI for clients. TWB pushes them to creatively package their stories, paving the way for more engaging proposals for clients. It helps employees to think out of the box and explore new creative ideas for clients.

Pack up and bon voyage!