The car of the moment

One the largest automakers in the world, Fiat has launched in February the new Toro, one of the most anticipated cars in the year of 2016. To introduce the new model in great style, the brand organized an event in Campinas, countryside of São Paulo. In addition to buzzing the automobile world, Fiat also presented Toro to a different audience, more interested in subjects like fashion, lifestyle, design, beauty and gastronomy.

To engage the audience at the launch, MSLGROUP Espalhe selected 12 online influencers to experience Toro firsthand. In addition to participating the labs that explained all creation model, the influencers could also do a test drive to get to know all the car attributes in a practical way.

Posts in various channels spread in social networks impacted 2,300,000 people of different audiences that could follow every moment of the launch event through their favorite influencers.