Making the most out of the client's media budget

Drinkfinity is a Pepsico hydration brand, based on a sustainable concept of reusable bottles. After a 3-month launch period, struggling to create a steady sales record, Espalhe was hired to develop a media framework to both increase the brand awareness and increase sales. Challenge accepted, after a short 2 month-period, some records were achieved:
• On the very first day of sales, the sales record was equal to the sales of the previous 15 days.
• For each U$1 invested in media we achieved 4 times more sales than previous period
• And for each U$1 invested in media there was 2 times more visitors to the online store
• Finally, the average sale was 20% higher than the previous period.
These results were achieved by an extreme simplification of the media ecosystem and higly complex clusterization, to present the messages to the people most likeable to become the brand's customers.