Ducoco Live Brand Channel experience

Ducoco, the Brazilian coconut water expert, and Espalhe MSLGROUP decided to launch its new BrandChannel on YouTube in a social way. The brand got fitness, fashion, lifestyle and music digital influencers together in an interactive event at the MSLGROUP Videos To Share Studio.
The purpose was to provide a live experience with the channel, so that the digital content became real. It happened through the participation of Ducoco’s Brand Channel talents as Karina Bacchi, performing an abs challenge; Luiza Possi in a pocket show; Comer Treinar e Amar couple cooking a special recipe for the participants and the youtuber Lully de Verdade broadcasting the whole event on Periscope.

Developed by MSLGROUP Videos To Share, the Ducoco Brand Channel features exclusive videos, produced in partnership with experts and influencers of different sectors, and chosen based on their affinity with the brand. One of the greatest assets of this project is the organic power of the content, minimizing the need of a mass media investment. As the talents’ audiences identify with the content, they share it on their own channels carrying the stories further.